About Nancy


A Sacred Technician, Medicine Woman and Mother of Three Daughters.


Over two decades, Nancy has mentored and empowered many people by helping them change their state of being to see and experience who they truly are.

Through her transformational live events, gatherings and audio programs, Nancy continues to touch the lives of many that attend her live events to experience her Ancient Beloved Teachings, to co-create a life from the Heart with her modern take on ancient wisdom.

I am a Medicine Woman.
I hail from Natewa Bay in the Province of Cakaudrove.
My maternal links are the islands of Bua and Kadavu.
My Totems are Shark, Seasnake and Moro (Giant or Tall Man).
I am the namesake of my Grandmothers

Nancy Valentine Smith was born in Suva, Fiji. Her gift comes from her ancestral lineage, a line of seers, oracles and medicine people.

As early as she can remember, Nancy has always been able to see spirit. Taught by her grandmother on her maternal side who recognized her gift of seeing at an early age, Nancy spent a lot of time in the elemental world with the inner earth beings, where she learnt a lot about the spirit of nature.

As a child in Fiji, I was able to cross into the Spiritual Realm while being in the physical, something I’ve always been able to do. My connection with the Spiritual world was constant, that was life.

I’m someone that sees through the dimensional doorways, through parallel and alternate realities. I see in many aspects, in respect of all things natural, all of nature, the nature of being, the nature of consciousness.

A journey that would become her life’s work began at the age of five, when her family moved from Fiji to Australia. It was in this new country that her strong connection and learning with Yeshua about the different spiritual realms continued.

At the age of twelve, Nancy started to feel the over-lighting presence of Mary Magdalene, preparing her for the passing of her mother Sera, two years later. At fifteen Nancy left home and school after the death of her mother and went on a journey for the next 6 years that would be a time of hard lessons. She experienced the circus of life through this initiation process that taught her many aspects of different realities around survival, learning about the nature of her being and the nature of people in their different circumstances of life.

At thirty-six while pregnant with her youngest daughter Grace, Nancy was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

At thirty-nine, Leukaemia returned and took her into a major initiation journey to the core of her being. During this time, three near death experiences changed her life in more ways and her work as a healer, channel, facilitator and teacher heightened. It was through this time and the following three to four years where Nancy not only experienced what she describes as levels of “super consciousness of the spiritual world”, that she is now able to access and go to, but also a recovery that saw her completely healed of Leukaemia.

Nancy’s recent work is ©Awakening Through The Heart seminars locally and internationally where she shares ‘Wisdom Of The Ages,’ which are a modern take on ancient wisdom.

In 2015 Nancy began facilitating the ©Beloved Teachings, the sacred union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, co-creating with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.


Nancy creates new audio Activations each month to help you navigate the energies that may currently be at play in your life. Included are practical strategies that may allow integration of the energies available to us at any given moment. These monthly Activations are FREE when you subscribe to her emailing list.


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