Nancy assists people going through all sorts of transitions in their lives. She is able to ‘read’ the energy field of a client without fault and when doing so, her expanded and ascended light body steps in to assist the flow of the energy field of the client in a more harmonious way, which takes them away from ‘dis-ease’ and brings the field into harmony and peace.

She is able to assist with any distortions the client may carry and at the same time, helps them to see through what the client created in order for them to obtain the ultimate return towards harmony and integration on their life journeys.

Nancy is deeply connected to the air, the land, the waters, and all of Creation and can read them all. She is deeply Lemurian and hence carries the depth of the healed Heart and the wounded healer. She also carries a strong aspect of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and teaches the journey of ‘The Beloved’, the path of LOVE in its highest form, a combination of the ascended aspects of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Without any airs and graces, she is a brilliant teacher and a Divine channel of avatar proportions and brings through the unique frequencies the client needs for their personal healing.

Apart from the huge clientele she holds, Nancy is also able to hold large groups who are working on the transmutation of lower and denser frequencies of humanity. There is no doubt that Nancy’s deep and pure connection to the Divine creates much healing for many.

Her channeling for a group is an incredible experience and her work one on one is a truly magnificent gift of the Divine that comes through her. She is able to see the stories of our past, present and future lives and the stories we hold in our ancestral lines and thus connects us with our complete timeline and hence simultaneously of the collective.

Nancy is able to bring through the new crystalline frequencies of the Galactic and Mother Gaia, and carries the ancient codes of the house of David due to her Fijian heritage. The Southern Hemisphere holds the collective keys and codes for all humankind and the Earth. It is most likely part of a much greater Masterplan that Nancy is one of a contingent of souls who have all volunteered to step up in mission and complete the work in the Northern Hemisphere for it to be upgraded.

Distance has been no barrier to Nancy perceiving my energy and providing effective healings via phone. I always feel seen and experience the powerful energy of her activations and healings despite the distance.

Nancy has only ever met me with love, compassion and humility, making me feel safe to reveal troublesome aspects of myself that I have kept guarded. Being seen, understood and facilitated by Nancy has been pivotal in shifting me out of self-loathing and helplessness; Nancy has restored my faith in my capacity to heal and evolve by helping me come to a place of self-acceptance and trust in my path.

Words cannot express my gratitude for Nancy’s incredible gifts, sincere heart and her ongoing facilitation.

Co-creating with Nancy is an experience that will change you on a deep cellular level, and at the same time it feels all so familiar. Fasten your seat belts, things will change and then you will wonder why you took so long.

I have worked with Nancy over the past couple of years in a mentoring program, which is comprised of short telephone sessions on a regular basis. This process has proven invaluable to assist me in the ongoing challenges that life presents.

Nancy is such a unique person who is incredibly gifted and insightful, coupled with a wicked sense of humour. Through these sessions Nancy has offered profound wisdom overlayed with practical next steps or homework before the next session. I love this format as it helps me to continually ‘adjust the sails’, keeping me on course.

I feel so fortunate to have Nancy as a mentor and I am eternally grateful for her patience and willingness to share her deep understanding. I always look forward to my next session and would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who is looking for guidance on how to live a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Nancy is my go-to person for all things spiritual.
She has helped me many times over the years, in so many ways.

Her regular activations help to keep me balanced and sane. Although she has cautioned not to do them if under extreme stress, I know that for me, her activations help me to realign with my usual positive self and to move through “stuff” (for lack of a better word) much quicker than if I was trying to work through things on my own.

Her energy updates also bring clarity to me. I get those “aha!!” moments when reading the updates, and they usually explain multiple situations and feelings happening to me and around me at the time.

To work with Nancy is an experience like no other.

She has access to layers of experience and other worlds. She has a deep connection with the earth and spirit and can traverse timelines and song-lines with ease. Her wisdom and channeling, comes from a long line of medicine women and connects with a deep truth and knowing that is truly transformational for all who are lucky enough to be ready for her healing.

Working with Nancy for a weekend retreat was a pivotal moment for me in my ascension process. The results of the deep clearing and downloads of codes we received will be instrumental in the awakening of our most ancient selves for a long time to come. I am deeply grateful.

Nancy is a rare phenomenon.

I have recently attended her workshop and was star struck how life changing the whole weekend was. Thanks to Nancy’s compassionate guidance and laser-precise sound healing skills, we’ve experienced a lot of deep inner healing of our family patterns and the feminine archetype that I have first time heard of - the wounds of the inner maiden.

The energy work was deep, and I loved how Nancy created very safe, inclusive, friendly space where everyone could share their experiences and nothing was taboo. And at times when Nancy shared the sacred feminine teachings and her personal journey with us, I could feel the wisdom behind it.

Many times I have been laughing too because she’s got this great talent to bring the humour in the situations too.

Getting in touch with forgotten parts of my psyche and acknowledging them helped me to see the bigger picture of how they instrument the situations and behavioural patterns in my life. This enabled me to move forward in my life.

Thanks to Nancy’s work, I continue living from the loving and trusting perspective of my heart. I see more blessings around me.

It has been my privilege to have attended the last three of Nancy’s Sydney workshops. They are a difficult experience to share with somebody who has not experienced that energy for themselves, but here goes…

Upon walking into the prepared space, you feel that the energy is different – lighter, higher frequency and more pure than most of us are accustomed to in our day to day lives. The first two workshops we were seated in large circles. In the third workshop we were seated theatre style, in three sections.

Nancy seemingly has a direct line of communication to some very high places and beings. You soon become aware that all that is being relayed by Nancy is not scripted. She is a very high frequency channel and “They” are able to bring their messages or energy through to the earth plane via Nancy.

The energy that we receive at the workshops affects us in many ways, be it on the physical level shifting long held, dormant toxins from our systems. Also via the dream state, you may experience some powerful dreams. You may even find that some miraculous events happen around you. Nancy’s Heart is pure gold and her intentions are always for the best, although sometimes you are left wondering when her wicked sense of humour shines through!

These workshops are not for the faint hearted. You will get the most out of them if you are prepared and ready to move forward on your journey through this lifetime. The day itself is intensive and will take you to many places in your consciousness that are not ordinarily accessible to you. You will shift “stuff” from your personal field, you may glimpse past lives and youwill probably do some work to help our Earth Mother. It should also be noted that you will be prepped to receive the energies for up to a week prior to the workshop, and you will probably keep feeling the energies for another week after the workshop.

If you are ready for an expansion in your life, bring yourself along as an empty vessel in readiness to take on lots of beautiful healing energies.

I just wanted to give you my experience a night or two after the workshop.

I was woken out of my sleep by what could only be described as a lightning bolt going off in my head, sound and all. I seriously wondered if I’d just died it was so overwhelming. I lay there for a bit in total shock and felt very different energy running through my body. It wasn’t until I put my feet on the floor that I was sure I was still on planet earth. Wow .. it was like an explosion went off inside my head .. Gosh some sort of upgrade alright!!! lol

Since then I’ve had mass energy running through my body but I’m finding it easier to ‘tap into’ it and focus it. I was at another workshop last weekend (no I’m not forever jumping from one workshop to another) but guess this was no coincidence that they appeared back to back. It brought up some interesting challenges .. which I’m starting to feel may have been a test run for the new energies and to see how quickly I can come back to centre and move beyond old patterning. Just a thought.

I just thought I’d let you know and thank you for the most wonderful day and profound healing/upgrade. I so love the way you work and the purity of your channeling.
Much love xx.

Nancy is an old soul with a profound ability to communicate with your deeper self. Her communications with me on a soul level and her infusions of higher energy at a cellular level have greatly helped my evolution.

It’s actually difficult to put into words, but Nancy has helped me to understand that what I see and manifest in the physical world is a reflection of me and that developing inner harmony is a path to happiness. There is so much more to all of us than our present awareness allows and Nancy is at the forefront of this Awakening.

Nancy is also a thoroughly delightful being and everyone I have ever recommended to her has been blown away, each in their own unique way, by their encounter.

I am particularly grateful to her help and kindness to my eldest son and I cannot recommend Nancy highly enough.
— David | Father/Lawyer/Investment Banker | Sydney | Australia

Nancy is such an amazing, kind, loving person and the teacher!

She is super gifted and energetically advanced.

She channels many energies and with her voice and activations she is making miracles. I am beyond grateful I can have privilege to grow and expand my consciousness with her constant generous help, learn from her and also call her my friend.

Her workshops are magical and super powerful and her constant FB updates helps to understand and cope with current energetic situations.

You just have to love Nancy!!