Boundaries Activation - MP3

Boundaries Activation - MP3


Recorded on 19/6/2019

This Activation is the first in a series of three (3) Activations of creating inclusivity and expansive, loving boundaries within you and around you.

This Activation Audio (MP3), is an Activation on Boundaries, to bring in this vibration and frequency, to start assisting you in building strong, authentic and clear boundaries, within you and around you.

This Activation, like all Nancy Valentine Smith Activations is very strong and powerful. You can do this activation as often as you like however, we do suggest, keeping it to three (3) times a week, for there is an energy process that occurs after listening to this Activation. The energy process is to strengthen your field while clearing any toxins or what we call false testaments from your energy field and your cells, that is not supporting you on the path of self realisation, your awakening.

Enjoy this Activation.

Nancy X

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