Oracle Reading

1 hour $155.00 (including GST)

Nancy is now available for private readings/sessions.

In an Oracle Reading, Nancy works with your timelines and will tune into your soul’s map and records. This is a powerful medium where Revelations occur and clarity is established, assisting you to move forward in your own light.


 Sessions by Skype or Zoom:



One to One Session

1 hour $155.00 (including GST)

In a One to One Session, Nancy works with your energy field to bring in the high frequencies of light, while clearing and releasing negative, dense energies that may be blocking your clarity to create and to manifest. Nancy is able to bring understanding and peace to your cells. Alignment and balance is experienced and messages also come through your session.

Nancy will email you the venues address for your Sydney One to One Session, following confirmation of your booking time and payment.

Please note that Nancy will be in Sydney, giving One to One Sessions on the following dates. Please consider these dates when scheduling/booking your session time.

July - 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th

August - 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th

September dates to be advised.


Sydney Venue



Personal Activation

1 hour $155.00 (including GST)

Specific for the individual, personal activations shift blocks and resistance around manifestation, abundance and Love. They also assist in clearing density, to move into liquid light.

These sessions are helpful for those that have done a lot of work on themselves and are needing assistance to break through the loops of old patterns.

These sessions are channelled, extremely powerful and alchemical.


Sessions by Skype or Zoom:



Distant Healing

1 hour $155.00 (including GST)

An energetic healing and alignment that clears any negative imprints or projections. It will also strengthen, support and ground you in your own being.

After a healing and clearing, more energy will flow through you.


Sessions by Skype or Zoom:



Energy Mentoring

45 MINUTE SESSION $120 (including GST)

4 SESSION PACKAGE $440 (including GST)

6 SESSION PACKAGE $660 (including GST)

Regular sessions of Spiritual guidance and mentoring, working with removing patterns, disempowering beliefs and the false testaments of your being.

Nancy is able to access genetic templates, past lives and aspects within you, to clear any disempowering programs.


Sessions by Skype or Zoom: