Through the different Healing techniques, I am able to align one to the aspect or reality

that is already within them, that is empowering and reflective of ones true nature of being.



Nancy co-creates with you to tap into your original blueprint and help you to realign with it.

“I work with the different aspects within a client’s timeline, to shift and clear any distortions that are influencing their reality in the now. I also work directly with the multi-dimensional aspects of ones being.

I have been taught specific techniques on how to clear and move out of the cells, certain stories or perceptions of reality that keep many disempowered. I am able to work on the energy field to assist it to move into a more liquid, light form and frequency.

How this benefits you, is that you are able to move out of rigidity and restriction, which in turn enables one to create and manifest more inclusive, Heart Ways and an Abundant Life, according to your own self.

So much occurs through this modality that I am blessed to bring forth. It is a tangible, physical experience and not just another esoteric learning. I believe that we are the creator of our journey, that there is an intricate mapping within us, a system of Universal proportions and access to the Cosmos and Consciousness on all levels. In fact, we are accessing certain areas without knowing.

With the multi-dimensional knowledge and wisdom within me, I am able to connect one with their future self/selves or higher self/selves.

The basis of the work that comes through me is expansive, precise, multi-dimensional, macro, micro, definite and elusive. In each particle, cell or fragment, is a snapshot of the whole picture. As a Sacred Technician I am able to work on an intricate level with the different snapshots (inner), to affect the bigger picture of one’s life (outer), to be more expansive in energy, bringing in synchronicity, grace and ease.”

In Nancy’s live events, many people experience a higher consciousness in action and they also experience the frequency of liquid light that always makes the day profound, shamanic and alchemical. Find out about ALL UPCOMING EVENTS or book a session with Nancy below and experience her life changing work for yourself.