New Beginnings - The Old Structures Collapsing


In the next 7 weeks, we will witness the old structures begin to shake within the earth sphere’s and mother nature - it has already been happening for a while.  The difference this time is that the dominant consciousness of hierarchy, of patriarchy, will collide with mother nature.  This means that whatever is happening in either spaces will impact. Mother nature will respond in this de-struct-ion.  

I have been asked of late, what can people do to assist these activated, heightened earth changes.  I would say that the process of assisting is simultaneous, in that it is imperative to work on your core stuff and know your ego, while taking action to assist through speaking up, gathering in groups, facing the unfinished businesses and sorting your stuff out – your fears, your prejudices, your judgements – all these impact through its frequency the vibration of assisting or hindrance.

Separation, exclusivity and judgement cancel’s and tars the light and intentions to serve.  Having boundaries and discernment is really important.  We can all walk our own path and be in our own sovereignty and awaken and self realise, but to bring in the ingredient of inclusivity into our consciousness, which can only happen through the heart, not the mind, takes you into a space of true wisdom.  This is required during this time, to assist so when you are called to respond, to act, to create, to manifest and so on, you are coming from the realm within you of your higher self, channelled through love, that is your true nature.

The next seven weeks takes us into a quickening of events and realities, exposures of what is really going on and opportunities to move beyond the veil.  On another level, revelation of new earth is coming through.  There are many new realities opening up so be okay about letting go of the old.  Be okay about moving on from each other.  Allow this to happen organically.  Know that there is no linear time, that things have already worked out.  

Nancy X

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