Through The Gates Into The Lions Heart


Through the Lions Gate, we will enter a time of the warm Leo sun rays, drenching ourselves with opportunities to leave the old behind. There is a lightness in the air, but know that we will also still be purging the old Kingdoms within.

It is paramount in these days and times, to do the great work of shifting and healing your stuff. I have witnessed when many have saturated their beings with 'light and positivity' and still side stepped their shadow aspect, which inevitably leads them to blame outside influences or others. That process causes delay and frustration within ones being and life. There is something that is very exquisite and deeply satisfying when you bring the light into the shadows of yourself, because you get to see and receive the sovereignty and treasures of your being.

August is the month where there is a lightness in the air. There are chances for you to receive and manifest what you yearn for. To do this, you must step beyond the validations of your ego.

August is the month of the Heart. Some relationships and connections will come to a head if they are not in integrity. Inclusivity is such a powerful angel of this time. In fact, it is a very important key. You can move into your own empowerment and be inclusive, for inclusivity, is the ability and an energy that is open and honours all beings in their I AM presence, co-creating in the WE ARE consciousness.

As we move into the time of the Lions Gate, a gentle release can occur of the better than and less than modalities of life and when this occurs, you will see that there is enough for all and you will see that Love, abundance, that connection and whatever you yearn for coming towards you. August calls this to be.

“The Great Lions and Lioness’ will gather upon a hill. We will hear the roar of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, as they call us to gather in our pride through the sovereignty of our kinship.”

Nancy X

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