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New beginnings are here. The intense pockets of energy will still continue to impact our days. So much is shifting, being rearranged and for many, completely new spaces are being created. Some of our beliefs, perceptions, connections and relationships are leaving, or no longer there. This is occurring as our higher selves are urging us individually and collectively, to get on path to a Heart based reality and consciousness.

The method of how this is playing out, is dependent on the work we are doing within ourselves. There is so much being projected around us in many different areas. Really knowing and understanding yourself, your motives and being honest of your agenda, will assist you to not get caught up in the trappings of the ego, that really wants to keep you distracted in drama, in better and less than and in conflict. For when you are being distracted, your energy is being robbed. If your energy is being robbed, you are not creating and you are not manifesting peace, love and abundance in your life, which impacts the same things not being manifested collectively under the banner of peace on earth.

In June, we entered a new space of frequencies, that are very malleable and hint of a shape shifting quality. These frequencies will continue to come in and grow. They are powerful in their capacity and ability to transmute and change realities and paradigms instantly. But if we are caught in the bickering’s of our ego’s needs and wants - to be special, to be right and so forth - these energies can hit us hard.

We go into these ego spaces because we are afraid of our light, because we are still hurting and looking for belonging. It is all within you. The Journey is to find that portal, that stargate, that light within you – HOME.

July gives us so many opportunities to move into these Sacred spaces that are waiting for us!

Tend to your wounds, know that you are enough, that there are many beings of integrity in your external reality who have the knowledge and skills as facilitators, as healers, as family, as friends and so on, to hold the space for you. The key word that I was given as a reminder to myself on this Journey of self realisation is INCLUSIVITY. The Celestial team that I work and commune with have said to me:

"Bring in inclusivity in every thought, in every action and feeling – do the best you can and as you merge with this vibration of inclusivity, you will then truly, in a masterful way, move into the power and the activation of connection within your cells”.

There are leaps and bounds to be made in July. There is a tapestry of energies occurring and sometimes we will walk through heavy spaces and moments and it’s during these times that knowing how to mind your own business and not get caught in righteousness is important.. Protecting your own energy will assist and doing so without judgement will be transmutative.

Nancy X

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