About 3-4 weeks ago, we entered a Holographic space continuum that is activating and triggering the tectonic plates. The frequency band width that is coming through an adjacent star system is being focused upon the energy Earth Lines in the South Pacific, impacting the Earth Lines and the water ways.

On the 7 dimensional constructs, there is a release of a frequency band width through Lemuria, that is activating a new Biosphere template. As this occurs, the old hierarchal systems, in the lineages of linear time, within nature, the mountains, the waterways and the tribes before and after colonisation, are being alerted to the incoming soundwaves of renewal. 

In the lands and the waters of the South Pacific, a release of old vibrations is occurring, stirring and impacting the Indigenous clans of these waterways. Major openings are occurring in Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia and the Torres Strait Islands. 

There is so much occurring on many levels of this process. We are being called to move into the Heart ways and not just to think about it or simply write statements or affirmations about it, or for it to be just another hashtag. 

What I have witnessed of late, when I’m sitting in the many Councils during my night sojourns, is massive and overwhelming, because of the intricate co-creations that are going on within the inner Earth, upon the Earth, in nature and the elements and also the dismantling and the death processes, all happening at once while there is a new fluidity in the eco-systems coming in.

Individually, we are going through such a massive acceleration processes. What needs to be outed and transmuted within us from our shadow lands, will be triggered and pulled up, whether you are ready or not.

Like the call of Mother Earth, your inner core is calling you, to tend to the last bits of unfinished business, truthfully with courage, patience and resilience, to take yourself out of the illusion – the Matrix of separation. To help you now, this doorway can only be found in the 3D consciousness within your core, in the seat of your wounds. Take note, this is happening with Mother Earth too.

This energy will increase in different waves of enlightenment, until the Solstice in December. Just know that many of us are still replaying the old Holographic programs of reality. In this time, we have an opportunity to step beyond and to step through these controlled environments of our ego, into more of an organic co-creation, through our renewed life force. 

The key is to, get to core. Find that point or moment of disconnection in this timeline, in this reality, in this life. And through the demoting of your ego, you will See the Light Within You.

The core of Mother Earth is releasing and purging out the domination of the Ego of Humanity. Lemuria is speaking up and holds and always has been entrusted with the keys and the Songs of the Heart. As Mother Earth joins her cosmos family, I promise, you will hear her sing the story of creation within the light of your core.

Nancy X

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