This full moon, can take us into a very deep place within. It beckons us to go into an inner landscape of ourselves, to make peace to release and to clear the murky waters of very old pain, hurts and anger.

In the last few weeks, we have been going through an uncovering of the layers of our being. Many of us have expressed deep sadness, anger and we have released built up and pent up old stuff.

It’s ok to feel these emotions of anger and discomfort and so on. The key and the mastery, is to feel it and release it, without projecting it out upon others and so on.

This full moon is very deep and multi-dimensional in its essence. The light that is coming through this full moon is strong and potent and it is alchemical, for it has the ability to transmute some very 3D aspects of us.

As I look through a holographic doorway, what I see is a vibration, a light emanation that is of liquid amber. In this full moon, it would be beneficial for you to find a moment to just be with yourself and sit in the energy of the liquid amber.

It’s been a very exhausting time for many. So much has happened and is still happening. The changes within us have been BIG! In the last 3 weeks, things have been brought up from within the depths of us, TO GO, whether you are ready or not.

There is a wobbling in the many energy grids around us, and one of the effects of this, is that if we hold onto the demands of our ego, there can be a distortion in our energy field, which affects our perception.

For the next 3 days in this full moon, we suggest to cleanse your space, to cleanse yourself in your own way. My family and myself will be using Palo-Santo and also having baths in essential oil and Epsom salts and going to bed early. 

For many of us, our dreams have been intense, busy and like Netflix. If this feels right for you during this full moon, place a crystal under your pillow, such as:

-      Sugilite;

-      Red Jasper.

If you don’t have these crystals, print out a picture of them or just intend their energies to be under your pillow or in your sleeping space.

These crystal allies, will gift you with realizations and revelations, lifting you above the astral releases occurring within you. They are powerful allies, and you can co-create with these crystals, as they are very potent in grounding the Heart in its arrival.

I’ve been working with our Kin, the Dragons, for the last decade. Their energies and presence are becoming stronger upon the planet and for many of us also. 

This July Full Moon, we will be co-creating with the Emerald Green Dragons. If it feels right for you, visualize, ask or intend the Emerald Green Dragon to assist in new growth, new paths of organic flow and prosperity, grounding within you and around you.

Nancy X

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