Boundaries are a necessity at this time as many people are going through major shifts and awakenings in their own being and in their lives.  There is so much energy flying around that is a result of people clearing, detoxing or ‘their stuff’ coming up.  This can cause many of us to take on emotions, feelings and thoughts that don’t necessarily belong to us.  This can be, conscious or unconscious projections.

We are all being affected by the release and the, letting go of the old.  It is really important that we move into the empowerment of creating and having healthy boundaries within us and in our life.  Being really clear of your intentions in your interactions with others and the world is important.  I ask myself when I remember, ‘is my intent, or my actions that I am about to take, are they coming from judgement and the pain body reactions which could be disappointment, anger, resentment, etc. or am I coming from a place of clarity and a subtle upliftment within me?’  

Many of us on the journey of self-discovery will go through the different passages of our beliefs and perceptions.  Remember that sometimes we confuse the mind as an authority on wisdom, but a lot of times, as we are going through a journey of self awakening and self empowerment, the mind can interfere in its subtle and clever ego reasoning.  What helps me to transmute this consciousness is, to feel if what I am thinking is kind or holds kindness.  Is it inclusive?  

To truly create boundaries is to create them from a space and a place within you of no agenda. Creating boundaries comes from finally deciding to love and be kind to yourself.  It should never be about what others did or didn’t do etc.  

The last 6 months I have been going on a journey (another one) of really understanding myself - an aspect of me that didn’t have boundaries, that was a people pleaser. It got to the point where I couldn’t hold that reality anymore and resentment was strong within me because I didn’t feel validated.  I felt used and betrayed.  As I shifted and cleared this - through owning my play, my part of the dance in this disempowerment space - I started to feel freedom.  I realised that this was a part of me that gave her power away to receive being liked, belonging and to be seen – part of the people pleaser. In fact, I realise that this template many of us carry - that started in our first day, our first week, at school - continued through our journey of our life.  On another level, it is an aspect of being separated from our authentic self and being conditioned to adhere to certain images presented to us.  This is part of the survival consciousness that we are all moving away from.  As we move away from it, we will get glimpses of the realm of the mystics within us.

To transmute this, I have had to own my participation and not move into blaming, to be free of the toxic cords.  More than likely you will move away from the person, the place, or situation that you have had no boundaries with.  And this is important, for it is a powerful step into inclusivity.  Boundaries create a vessel - a vehicle - for you to no longer, be distracted by the imbalances and projections that are flying around. If you can do this without blame or judgement, you then start moving into a space of true freedom.  And then, your energy becomes more clearer and more aligned to be in true service of yourself and for all.

So, when we speak of boundaries being important in holding the energy of inclusivity, what we mean is take care of yourself.  Do not let yourself down.  Love yourself like no other, yet allow, the Divinity of your Heart to start teaching you forgiveness in everything and everyone that you lay your eyes upon.

Nancy X

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