Nancy Valentine Smith is a Medicine Woman, a Shaman, an Alchemist, a Healer and Sacred Technician. She comes from a lineage of Medicine men and women who were also Seers.

She has been working intensively in Australia and Internationally - in particular, the UK and France.  

Nancy is now sharing and facilitating the Ancient Teachings that have been handed down to her from her Indigenous lineage and Spiritual Clan.  

During a Nancy Valentine Smith live event, the secret teachings of Ancient Wisdom are gifted to you and because Nancy is an Alchemist, transmutation occurs on the day, or days of attendance.  What gets delivered is dependent on the souls that gather.  For she has a profound ability to connect with your higher selves and higher wisdom, to deliver to you what is apt for you on the path that you are on when you meet with her.

Some of these Ancient secret teachings have never been shared in these modern times.  

As a child Nancy was taught to go into the Ancient Records to read the books of knowledge of the Stars and of the Earth until she was ready to access the memory within her.  One of her purposes is to assist others to access their own knowledge and wisdom. Your life without a doubt will change as you open to the Great Work.  

Nancy is a rare phenomenon. I have recently attended her workshop event and was star struck how life changing the whole weekend was.